Honey, I need your help !

Last week, my adorable husband finally got around to building his Millenium Falcon Lego that I purchased last year for him. This set has over 5000 pieces and is apparently built to mini-figure scale.

One Sunday afternoon, while he was working on his Lego project, he calls out to me " Honey, honey..... honey.... I need your help !! " I have a lego related task for you. So... I run to his office to see what he wants me to do.

This was my task :

Funny guy ;).

Here is the picture of his completed model. According to Lego, the ship is 33" long x 22" wide x 8" high.

Other lego news - apparently there are other lego fans on our street. I found this flower pot 2 blocks away from our home. How cute :)

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