Crafty Crafterson

cLately I have been in a crafting mood - it's been awhile. Now all of the sudden I have 3 projects going on at once.
Last Saturday I went to Urban Fauna's grand opening to check out all the beautiful yarns and fibers. I walked out with these beauties.

I haven't decided what I want to do with them yet, so in the meanwhile I will just enjoy looking at the beautiful colors.

Last night I worked on and finished making my new bag - I even made a "purseket" like organizer to go with it :)

I am definitely pleased on how it turned out. It's roomy enough to fit a binder in it, has a magnetic closure so nothing will fall out. The organizer has slots for 2 pens, tissues, my iPhone , cosmetics and a key fob that I can pull out that stretches enough to open my looks without unhooking my keys. Woo Hoo...
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