Abu Simbel

Here we are - all excited (except for N, who decided he need to catch a few extra zzzzzs). We just left Cairo and boarded a plane down to Abu Simbel.
Our view from the plane just before we landed. 
I couldn't believe how amazing this was. When I turned around the bend of the mountain, I was not prepared for what we saw.

 My favorite picture of my sister at Abu Simbel

After our wonderful afternoon exploring Abu Simbel, we boarded the plane for Aswan, where we will begin our journey along the Nile.  The airline did not seem to organized.  They just passed out boarding passes to everyone and did not care if your name was correct as not.  On this flight, I was known as "Mrs.Allison" ;)
Here we are ready to board the Sonesta Sun Goddess.  A cruise along the Nile is really the simplest and most comfortable way to explore this part of Egypt. We didn't have to worry about anything.
Here is the map of what was to come for us. We start off at Aswan and make our way up to Kombo Ombo, then Edfu, Esna and finally Luxor.  I didn't realize how close we were to the border of Sudan.

I can't remember what we were talking about but I love this picture. It was just before we went to bed on our first night of our cruise in Aswan.  It must have been something that cracked my sister up :)