Lazy Saturday

 am having a really lazy Saturday... just sitting at home knitting and watching my husband play Fire Emblem on the Wii.

Knitting... well, I just recently took that up again. I have tried it before when I was in my teens, but I never had patience to finish anything. Knitting just takes me so much longer than crocheting. Now - for some reason, I am all into it again. So far, I have been able to complete a couple of scarves.

While N was away in Japan, I rediscovered Ravelry. I signed up for it in September but never really used the website until last week. I found so many cute knitting projects on it with free patterns. Now after 1 day, I have 10 projects in queue.

My first one from Ravelry will be a hat. I want to have that finished before I go visit my family in Montreal. My sister posted pics on her blog... ICY ICY!!

This hat is supposed to be based on one from Banana Republic. It calls for size 7 circular needles, which I don't have. I'm using size 10.

My rationale is - the size 7 is used for an average size head... but my head is the size of a basketball, so size 10 should work out fine ;)