Another day of crafting Christmas gifts for ... I'm not sure who yet.

I just finished making a couple of squeeze closure coin purses today :)  I love it that I am finally using all the fabric and supplies I bought from Tokyo a couple of years ago instead of just hoarding it -LOL.
I'm going to actually keep one for myself - not to use as a coin purse but to store my noise reduction headphones when I travel ( I got that idea from my sister).

I still need to make one for N - but I need to make it look less "girly".

So sewing makes such a huge mess in my craft room.  I have thread, fabric remnants all over my table.  I was thinking about buying one of those hand held vaccums /dust busters to make cleaning up a breeze but then... I found this on Urban Outfitters.  It's called "Henry the Destop Vacuum".  Isn't he CUTE !!   Wouldn't you rather have this :

instead of this :

Hahaha.  :P