Bazaar Bizarre 2009

Even though it was raining today, I braved the weather and attended Bazaar Bizarre. It's a craft faire they have yearly just before Christmas. Lots of cute things to buy - but expensive. Pretty much everything I loved was either 1) over 30$ or 2) something I was able to make/duplicate.

I did leave with a couple of cute items.  I bought some mushroom push pins for my bulletin board from Peptogirl and the cutest set of Sheep shaped bobbins from Girl on the Rocks ( which I am sure I will find useful for storing extra unused embroidery thread).

The other absolutely adorable thing I discovered at the faire was  "The World's Smallest Postal Service".   For 8$ + shipping,  there was someone there transcribing any letter you want onto tiny stationary (1"x1.5") and then stuffed into the tiniest envelope with a miniature postmark & stamp.  They also seal the envelope with a minature wax seal with your initials. They stuff that into a glassine envelope with a mini-magnifying glass.  HOW CUTE IS THAT ?????

I really wanted to send a letter to my little ninja but was embarrassed to have the girl write my ridiculous letter that would have read something like this " Oh - little ninja,  I love it when you are in whisper mode "