Christmas in Montreal

We had a fun filled Christmas in Montreal this year with a jam packed itinerary courtesy of my sister - playing big 2 with my family, house parties with gift exchanges, delicious dinners and extra yummy desserts, meeting up with old friends, playing in the snow at Mont-Tremblant and watching Avatar.

Even though the weather was 'wet' and not the winter wonderland I was hoping for and expecting, we still had an amazing time.

Our first activity was dog sledding in Mont Tremblant.  It was so much fun and the dogs were so adorable that I was able to forgive all the 'icky poo poo' aspects of this activity.  Aren't this doggies just adorable ? I wanted to take them all home with me :)


Our second snow activity was snow shoeing -  we spent about 2 hours hiking and 1 hour fooling around with the panoramic mode of our new Sony Camera.  Look at what we were able to do - LOL.  No photoshop here at all - we just had the first person run to other side before the panoramic slide ended and presto !

During our snow shoeing hike we were also able to feed the birds. It was so cute having them land on your hand to pick up the seeds :)
 After our exhausting (and painful - note to self : need to pick up better shoes) hike, we ended the day with delcious POUTINE and fun arty coffee drinks !

And on our final day in Montreal we went to see Avatar in 3D.  This has to be the most magical movie of the year! Go see it !!!!!!