Christmas Ornaments 2009

Every year my sister and I exchange Christmas ornaments.  This year I decided to make my own limited edition ornaments. I spent the last 3 days diligently hand sewing my critters... and now I don't want to give them away. HA HA.

Here is the entire family after 3 days :)

I 'm also excited to package them.  I am thinking about wrapping each in glassine paper and then using my new masking tape that I picked up in Japan.  I am totally obsessed with them and can't wait to purchase more on my next trip :D.  You can probably find these online but they are so expensive. I bought them for 5.25/pair at stationary stores in Japan and I think they are going for 7$ each roll on most websites. 

Aren't they gorgeous ?  I stored them all in giant glass jars in my craft room.