Renegade Craft Fair

Every year around the holidays there are tons of craft fairs in San Francisco. On Saturday we went to the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason.  I didn't buy anything (surprise, surprise).   I came very close - I was tempted by some handmade jewelry made from antique typewriter keys.  I hardly wear jewelry - the only thing I ever still wear is my engagement ring :) The rest of my jewelry just sits around collecting dust so I figure the same will happen to the typewriter key jewelry. Therefore I decided to save my 25$ for something else. 

Nick bought something !!  So that means we didn't completely waste our time there.  He bought "The Decemberist" poster designed by a local artist named Jason Munn.  Once we get our act together and finish painting our offices we can frame this and put it up.

My favorite part of the craft fair was the free photo booth courtesy of Magnolia Photo Booth Co. at the entrance. It took some begging (please ... please...pretty please) & convincing and at the end Nick agreed to line up (which he absolutely hates to do) and participate.  They had a bunch of props by the booth which made it EXTRA FUN !! I wanted to do it over and over again since it was FREE! Haha
I loved how the photos turned out!