Fun with Chalk Board Paint

I picked up some Chalk Board Paint from Home Depot yesterday and I am planning to paint all my terracotta pots this week.  Fun!

I tested out one quickly today.  I wanted to have a pretty design instead of just using regular masking tape.  I used the borders from left over label stickers, applied them to my planter -

applied paint and then ended up with this :)  Very cute.

You are supposed to apply the paint with a foam roller so it will end up nice and smooth.  I didn't have one and just used a regular cheapo craft paint brush which definitely left brush marks. 

 I also planted a bunch of lavender seeds this long weekend.  They say it will take 10-28 days to germinate before I can plant them outside.  Crossing my fingers... this is the first time I have planted anything.  GROW LAVENDER GROW !


  1. I think it was clever to use the left over label stickers.


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