More container gardening

Lately, I have been going through a gardening phase.  Not a "real" gardening phase where you get down and dirty on your hands and knees, fighting with icky bugs before you can dig a hole and plant something.

I'm going through a "buy a container, throw in soil and some bulbs" phase.

Last weekend, my handsome hubby drove back to the Half Moon Bay nursery. My last bunch of flowers have wilted away.  This time I learned my lesson, no more annuals, just easy to care for perenials. I bought a bunch of 98cent Begonias. The nursery said that these things are tough and require very little care, so definitely perfect for me.  

I also picked up some Ranunculus tubers, pink and white Freesia bulbs and 15 or so random Tulip bulbs.  All I had to do was throw in soil, mix in a little bulb feed and then plant the bulbs 2-4 inches below the soil.

Freesia and Tulip Bulbs
The bulb fertilizer was disgusting though, smelled like poop. It probably was poop since the box said "Organic". Ew.  Now all I have to do is water and wait until... spring.


And since we were already in Half Moon Bay, we passed by Repetto's nursery again.  I bought their in season flowers again for 3$ a bunch.  More dahlias, but this time in red and yellow.