Fairy Doors

Since I had spare time this morning, I decided to drop by 24th Street to pick up some lunch at my favorite place - Peasant Pies.  The spicy clam pies are delicious, I swear I can eat 4 of them in a row ;)

But the real reason I wanted to drop by 24th street was to look for the FAIRY DOORS !!!
I have heard that they have been around but adults usually walk by without every noticing them, only the little ones can find them.

I looked and looked and managed to find three :)

The first one was at a bookstore, hidden behind children's discount book cart right outside.

The 2nd one I found was by a coffee shop bench.

And the 3rd one was here :)

Aren't they so cute ???  I'm so in love with them that I am going to put a couple at our place.  I can't wait!

Unrelated to the Fairy Doors,  Noe Valley has some very pretty flower shops.  They have so much curb appeal.