Garden Centers in San Francisco

We passed by Flora Grubb today, it's a gardening center in San Francisco.  I'm trying to find an alternative to driving all the way to Half Moon Bay.

Of course they had less selection, and plants were a little more pricey.  The center is geared towards urban gardening.  The staff there is very friendly and extremely helpful ( I found out that all the succulents I have been trying to grow on my window sill are all outside plants, that's why they are all growing weird and elongated) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their vase/container selection there.  I wanted to buy every pot there.  They also had an awesome selection of glass containers for aeriums.  I'm thinking about buying the either the footed one or the rectangular one.  You can actually buy all these containers online.

I also loved how they displayed their plants, they are so creative there.