My craft bar

I was asked last week if I wanted to lead some craft activities for my fellow co-workers during their staff retreat.  Crafting as a job ? Of course, count me in! 
I came up with four crafting activities, so that they can pick and chose.

The first one was a strawberry pin cushion, the pattern can be found on Heather Bailey.
I found it to be quick and pretty simple depending on how much of the details you would like to incorporate on your strawberry.  I also liked the fact that by altering the size you can use it a Christmas ornament.

Almost everyone made one!  I was so happy to see everyone concentrating and sewing away.  It was also fun to see everyone's personal touches.

By the end of the day - we had some very pretty strawberries.

While everyone was working on the strawberries, I decided to work on something else, since I already did all the crafts the night before so I can use them as demos.  I altered the pattern, instead of using the cone shape - I flattened and fattened it a little and turned it into a mini-pumpkin.

Craft #2 (stamp your own bags) and craft #3 (easy kleenex holders) were taken straight off of craft of the day.

The final activity was bookmaking. I loved seeing how creative everyone was at using the supplies I brought it.

Update: October 23, 2010
I was so bored at home that I ended up making more felt stuffies.