My sister

Today is my sister's birthday.  She would have been 35, but she isn't able to celebrate it because she is no longer here with us anymore.

7 months ago, she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, a smoker's cancer.  She never smoked, she exercised and she would always choose fresh fruit over cake.  She even craved vegetables.

She had no symptoms, until it was too late.  Every doctor she went to for the last year for a persistent cough told her that she had post nasal drip that irritated her throat.  By the time one doctor was suspicious, and sent her for an x-ray, they found a tumor the size of an orange in her lung, and the cancer had spread extensively to her bones, her ribs, her spine, her arms, legs, hips and skull.

She passed away 3 months later, but she fought it.  She was strong, brave and she fought it with every last ounce of strength she had. She tried everything, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and radiation. Everyday, I clung on to hope that she will be the 1% that beats stage IV.  I thought that one day, I would blog her story and give hope to other people that are diagnosed with stage IV.

My sister was so brave, with every failed treatment, with every new life threatening complication, she just asked the doctor " Okay, so this is not working, what is next ? What is our plan B? I still want to fight."  Even when the doctors told her there was nothing left to do, and that she should enjoy her last days, my sister looked at me and said "I'm still not giving up".  She passed away 2 days later.

Today is her birthday.  Usually, I would be calling her up and teasing her about getting wrinkles.  How I wish she was here to get more wrinkles.

With everyday that passes - it doesn't get easier.  I miss her even more. I think about her all the time.

I miss my Kimberly, the world traveller.

I miss Kimberly and her adventurous spirit, I miss hearing about her constant need to learn. I miss hearing about what new class she is taking or was planning to take, whether it's cake decorating, pottery, glass blowing, pole dancing, chinese school with 10 year olds, circus training, badminton, curling...

I miss Kimberly, the trekkie.  Only she would laugh at and appreciate receiving PONFAR perfume, only she would spend hours on Ebay searching for a Borg Cube Christmas ornament...

If my sister was still here, I know she would be enjoying her favorite birthday cake - strawberry shortcake, one piece for you and 10 pieces for her.

I miss hearing about what weird or yummy thing she ate that week:

I really miss my sister. I miss her today, and I will miss her everyday for the rest of my life. It breaks my heart that she doesn't have the luxury of celebrating her 35th birthday today.

There is no better friend than a sister.  And there is no better sister than you.  ~Author Unknown


  1. aww.. I just read ur post about ur sister's birthday.. =( .. so young.. but ya know what.. she really did LIVE LIFE!!! I am so envious of her journies.. and ur little arts and crafts self too.. =)


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