This holiday I was obsessed with  FRESH wreaths.  A few of the local flower shops were offering classes on how to make them but for 150$/person !!  I was tempted for about 24 hours but then the cheap in me had to find another way.

First, I studied this amazing tutorial series on Youtube.

Then I picked up supplies from our local flower market.  The  10" wire wreath frames were purchased from Coast Wholesale Florist for $1.25/piece, the fresh pine cuttings were FREE from local Christmas tree lots (who were happy that I was helping them get rid of it).

To accent the pine cuttings, I bought some cedar branches, bay leaves & holly berries at the flower market for 6$/bunch. One of my girlfriends brought in rosemary branches from her backyard. I cut a few succulents from my container garden and brought in some leftover Christmas ribbons.

So for about 5$/person we had enough supplies for a night of fun wreath making :)