Home Improvements for 2011

To keep on track, I decided to make a list of home improvements that I would like to complete this year.

1) Finish painting and furnishing our home office.  We are on the home stretch of this project. We started in November during our Thanksgiving holiday, but then due to illness & travel, we lost 3 weekends. The project dragged on and we even painted on Christmas day and New Years.  To me, the before and after is a huge improvement.

2) Paint our bedroom (and maybe buy new bedroom furniture - debating on a king size bed)

3) Hang up our artwork.  We have been living with bare walls for far too long. We have all this artwork rolled up in cardboard tubes stored in closets, it's about time they see daylight.

4) Buy a Christmas tree.  I have all these ornaments but no tree (I have a boxful of never used ornaments, I collect a couple of new ones each year when it's super sale time)

5) Create more storage space in the attic with Infinite Attic.

Right now we just have plywood on top of planks in the main area of the attic, but it's not safe and we keep piling junk higher and higher in the same places.  If we have an earthquake, I can just imagine everything falling through the ceiling in all the gaps. And no, you can not veto this.

6) Continue looking for a console table & artwork for our foyer.  This is no rush, we would like something to fill up the space but we don't want to buy something we will just want to change in a few years. We want to love it.

7) Find a new carpet for our living room.