My Paperwhites

I woke up this morning to find my Paperwhites flowering! I'm so excited.

I originally bought these bulbs in October 2010, but I had such a hard time getting them to root.  I planted them in a shallow dish with pebbles, but the bulbs started to rot.  I was about to give up on them but decided to take them outside and drop them in some soil.
November 2010
I just left them outside for about one month and roots started forming. I brought them back inside and replanted the bulbs into my shallow dish with pebbles.

And now the plant is growing like crazy.  Every day it grew a centimeter or so and now it's about to flower.  The first thing I do after I wake up is to run to the window to see whats happening with my paperwhites, and of course I take a picture to monitor the progress.

For Christmas my in-laws bought me an Amaryllis bulb, and so far that is also doing well.  I'm still not very familiar with the watering schedule but I think the plant is doing well.  It's turning green and I see the red flowers starting to peek through.   It's a good sign :D!