New plants from Flora Grubb

Flora Grubb is having a 20% off all plants sale this memorial day weekend.  Of course, I couldn't resist and had to go.  I can never walk out there without spending - there is no such thing as "window" shopping there.  They always have the cutest planters.

I picked up a new air plant, a giant one... and I stuck it in my robot vase from Argentina.  It's like his hair grew overnight.

I picked up a cool looking one called Juncus Spiralis - looks like spirals and grass at the same time. Luckily I talked to Trinity that day and she told me it was a plant that requires tons of moisture - so now I know I need to have it sitting in water.  It would have died otherwise since I usually just water plants once a week (I'm constantly afraid of over watering and having icky little gnats growing in moist soil).

I picked up a new tiny philodendron, I already have one that is variegated and growing from a hanging planter, but I wanted one that is plain green.  I love philodendrons, they are easy to take care of :)

And of course, I picked up 2 new ceramic pots for my new plants. They look so pretty!!!

I also bought two outdoor plants.  At the moment, I have no more window boxes to put them in. I tried stopping at Lowes before going home, but they only had plastic ones.  I guess I'm going to have to stop by Sloat or order one online.  Why do redwood window boxes have to cost $$$ so much. It's just 4 slabs of wood ??!!
Anyhow, I think these will look awesome once planted.

The weekend wouldn't be complete if I didn't stop by Urban Flowers.  I picked up some baby yellow roses for my sister.