Marquisha's test bouquet

In two weeks, I'm going to be doing the flowers for a friends wedding.  M wants a bouquet of orchids, my first trial was a big disaster.  Here is attempt #2.  I had to wire about 24 mini orchids.

Or course, I'm still making tons of errors.  The wires I purchased were slightly too large so every time I inserted them into the orchids, the head would snap off. Argh.  At least I will know to purchase thinner wires for the actual day off.

I actually had a hard time placing all the flowers in just the right position.  Every time I added a new stem, the rest would slide out of place. 

It took me a good 40 minutes to get the shape M wanted for her bouquet.  I'm pleased with the final result :) I know the bouquet is a little small and I will have to use double the amount of orchids for the day off. I just hope I can repeat what I did yesterday in two weeks. Yikes!

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