San Diego Comic Con 2011

This year the San Diego Comic Con was definitely not crowded ;)

We were so happy that Erik and Joel joined us this time. As usual on our first day we did the customary Segway Tour.

However this year, we were lucky and got a very special tour guide - FLASH.  As you can imagine, it was really hard keeping up with him.

We saw lots of fun costumes.

Nick met R2D2.

I met a super tall Storm Trooper.

Wait.. maybe he wasn't that tall ;)

We also saw lots of cute backpacks.

We took lots of silly photos.

Joel is awesome. Look at his expression -lol

Erik and I hung out with Ron Perlman... not.

Nick, Erik and Joel thought that the T-850 would be able to help with directions.

We had an awesome BBQ dinner.  The wait was really not that bad.

The highlight of our convention had to be when we both met ...
GEORGE R.R. MARTIN!!!  Woo Hoo !!!

Yes, we love Comic Con.  See you next year San Diego.