Lots of progress on my Link Legend of Zelda costume

Link's Arm Guards
I decided to go with a navy blue color just to add some interest to the costume. I was little tired of all that green.  I got this amazing stretchy suede from the discount fabric store for 4$. 

Link's Arm Bracer
I made this out of craft foam sheets that I bought at a craft store.  The coolest thing about this is that you can heat up the foam sheet with a hair dryer and curve it so it holds a particular shape. I traced the pattern on a 2nd sheet of foam, cut it out and glued it on top for a raised pattern effect and then painted the entire thing with acrylic brown and antique gold.

Link's Belt Pouches
I made this from some imitation leather (vinyl) and then embroided the edges with a gold trim and painted the designs with antique gold acrylic paint.

Link's Boots
I found the most helpful tutorial online that went through step by step instructions on how to make boot covers.  I did make a minor change.  Instead of using two pieces of fabric to make the body of the boot, I just cut one piece, turned it into a cylinder before sewing a zipper on the back.  I didn't want to have visible stitching in the front of the boot.  

Link's Chain Maille

I thought about using fabric printed with a chain maille pattern, like the one on spoonflower.com  but felt 18$/yard was just way too much.

Mesh fabric was also an option but it didn't look enough like chain maille.

But then I found this amazing crochet pattern from an online blog called Betty Croctchitt.  What really makes it look like chain maille is the yarn from Vanna's Glamour in the color "Platinum".  It's a greyish yarn with metallic silver intertwined in it.  I was supposed to use a very large crochet needle which I didn't have but it still turned out ( good enough for me)


  1. Amazing! This is probably the closest thing to being in the game I have ever seen! I am creating my own Link costume, except with less detail... and less budget. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! :D


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