Part II of Operation Infinite Bliss

I woke up at 6:30am today to get an early start. Based on how long it took us to make the reception arrangements, I was worried about getting all the bouquets and ceremony decor done by 12pm in order to have time to get changed, put on makeup, load the car, deliver the flowers and set up the Empress of Sausalito.

I wired 60 mini white cymbidiums orchids and 15 large green ones to make the bridal bouquet.  Making it wasn't hard, it was just time consuming.  I ran out of small gauge flower wires, so I had to use larger stiffer ones for the last 15 cymbidiums.  Although orchids are hearty and can last several days without water, the stem themselves are fragile.  They break easily at the point where the wire enters, even if I wrap it well with floral tape.  I was stressed out the entire day of the wedding watching the green cymbidiums fall out when people knock the bride's bouquet by accident.

Wiring the orchids

Bridesmaids bouquets.  The bride wanted lilac Cala Lilies.

Packaging the corsages & boutonnieres.

Packaging the arrangements for both the reception and ceremony.

I should have taken a photo of the state of our garage/make-shift floral workshop area right before leaving.  It was definitely a disaster with broken flowers, leaves, floral buckets, scissors, wires, tape - you name it, it was scattered all over the place.  But of course, we were already running late. I just left everything as is and ran out the door.