Bhutan Day 5: Phobjikha Valley

Random pictures from our visit to Phobijikha Valley

The roads there were treacherous.  My palms were sweaty the entire time.  The car was super close to the edge of the cliff and there were on guard rails.  This picture was taken from the car.
It also didn't help that when we turned the corner, we saw this.
As usual we visited the local monastery.  This one was really old, nothing spectacular like some of the ones we have already come across.  The monks must have been "cleaning" the place up because this one was on "rat" duty.

  We came across some more cute kids.  This time they were learning to wash themselves.  The little one was super cute.  
When we finally arrived at Phobijikha Valley, we were treated to some amazing views.

It was actually really cold here. Cold enough that it snowed.  We had to pack for all weather on this trip from Cambodia's 32C to Bhutan's 0C.
Interesting thing we learned, in Bhutan plural marriage is accepted.  The 4th King has 4 wives.  And they are all sisters... hmmmm...not sure that is a good idea ;)