Thimpu, Kingdom of Bhutan - Day 2

We spent day 2 exploring more of Thimpu.

In the morning we spent time visiting National Institute of Zorig Chusum.  It is a school that specializes in teaching students Bhutanese traditional arts like wood working,
 and my favorite - weaving.
 I love the gorgeous fabric that they end up with. I couldn't really afford to buy any of the big pieces so I settled for a small strip and several belts.

After visiting the Arts & Crafts school, we were lucky enough to catch an Archery tournament.  It's Bhutan's national sport. I learned that every time you hit the target, you get a piece of fabric to attach to your goh, I'm guessing this guy has good aim :)
 Everybody was fascinated, watching quietly... including the husband.
After our archery tournament, we made a quick stop at Bhudda Point.
Then off we went to the National Memorial Chorten.
We then ended our sight seeing with a visit to Changangkha Lhakhang Monastery. This place was beautiful.

I saw this adorable monk from peeking out at me while I was in the courtyard.  I waved at him and...
he came down to say "Hi" to me :)
We had a very productive Day2.  After all the sight seeing, we just strolled around Thimphu after dinner visiting local stores.