Another trip to Flora Grubb, plants, plants and more plants!

Yep, it's that time again - where I start feeling the itch to buy more plants :)  Maybe because it's the holidays and I just feel like shopping or maybe because it's getting grey and I just want more greenery in our home.

As I have mentioned before I never fail to leave this store without buying something. I just absolutely love all their vases and planters and so far I have been having good luck with all the plants I bring home (knock on wood).  The plants I usually bring home from Half Moon Bay nursery usually develop some form of icky bug infestation within a couple of weeks and I just don't know how to deal with them other than throwing them in the garbage.   With the plants from Flora Grubb,  I haven't had that problem yet.

I ended up buying a Gold Child Ivy paired with an off center grey eliptical planter.  I love how they look together.

My new Ivy added to my growing cluster of houseplants.

I bought a spike moss.  I'm a little worried about this one.  It requires a lot of humidity so this to me means "high maintenance".  The last plant I had that required this much humidity was the "corkscrew" and he barely survived after our vacation.  I hope this one fares much better.

I also ended up buying a succulent - the spikey Hawthornia.  I was never a big fan of this plant but I guess seeing it in so many "terrarium" arrangements, I'm starting to warm up to it.  I'm going to replant this in a low charcoal square planter and keep it in our bathroom - this plant is super hardy,  can survive in low light and infrequent waterings.

Besides going to Flora Grubb just to buy supplies, I love just going there to see what fun ideas they have.  This year,  they came up with succulent "Christmas" ornaments.  I LOVE IT!  Not only do they look cool but after Christmas, you can plant it in your garden.  I love the idea of living gifts.

Cute Plant update:
Last year I got teeny tiny clipping of another succulent - string of pearls.  I had no idea how to propagate so I just stuck it in bowl of water and now it has grown almost 3 inches.  I moved it into a cute little ceramic egg holder.  It's still in water.  I wonder how long it can last like this.