We decided to take a day trip out to Cambridge.  I was pretty excited by that because the last time I was in the UK, I didn't make it out here. I was able to see Oxford and I know there is this ongoing debate on which place is better.  I think someone once told me that Cambridge is a University with a town attached while Oxford is a town with a university attached. 

We got there early in the morning - so no one was even out and about. 
King's College Chapel, Cambridge

St. John's College, Cambridge

Bridge of Sighs, St. John's College. Cambridge
The one thing I can say for sure - is the Bridge of Sighs is way prettier in Cambridge than Oxford. Here is a photo I took in 2011 at Oxford to compare.
Hertford Bridge or Oxford's Bridge of Sighs.

The only disappointment was that we went to Cambridge on a "bank holiday" so the famous Wren Library of Trinity college was closed to the public.  I guess I will have to visit it the next time I'm in the UK :) I will definitely be back... when it's SUNNY. Haha.