Shopping in London

Of course I had to shop in London... even with the horrible exchange rate of 1.8 USD per £, I was still majorly tempted.  So what did I discover this time and what did I end up buying ?

The first is a brand of handmade bath and body products called COWSHED:

According to their website, all their products are made from 100% premium essential oils.  They are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and artificial fragrances and colors. I was able to try most their products at the cute little boutique hotel I was staying at (Dean Street Townhouse).  Yes, the products were pretty awesome.  They smelled fantastic!  But I think what I loved most about COWSHED was how they named all their products, for example - their uplifting shower gel was named Grumpy Cow, their seductive shower gel was named Horny Cow, their soothing shower gel was called Lazy Cow, their indulgent shower gel was called Spoilt Cow.  How cute is that ?? I think I would have bought their whole line if the exchange rate wasn't so bad. They cost 16£ each so that would have worked out to 29$ each.  And then I would have to lug around 10 bottles during my entire trip which didn't sound too fun.  I think maybe the next time I go back to the UK, I will treat myself to a Grumpy Cow.

The second was a brand of accessories, stationary and household goods called WALDO PANKCAKE.  If I lived in the UK, you can bet that my kitchen would be filled with things like this :

Of course it's unreasonable for me to be toting around tins throughout my 12 day trip, so I passed.  Just before I walked out the store, I spotted this - I only needed 10 seconds to decide I had to have it :)  This has to be the cutest (and most accurate) makeup bag ever.

The third was also an accessories & household goods brand by an artist by the name of ROB RYAN.  I'm so in love with his stuff.  Technically, I really didn't discover him on my trip to London.  I had already bought a plate set from him off of  in the US,

but it was at Miss Selfridges that I discovered he had his artwork on a kajillion things !!!  I was head over heels with this his and her mug set :
and all his cosmetics and small purse accessories!!  So I bought the mug set and this cute little ID card/coin purse ( it fits the Oyster Card perfectly - I feel so British because I have my very own Oyster Card - lol)

And finally - the last thing I found is not a British brand per se, but I have never ever been able to find it elsewhere.  It's the Converse high top running shoe with the Union Jack !!!  I've been to the UK 3 times and have looked everywhere for it.  I finally found it on my very last day in London :
 BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE MY SIZE !!! I wanted to cry.  I even contemplated about getting them one size larger...  I have been checking online still to this day.  They are sold out in the UK and they don't have them on the US site.  Boo :(

So, I ended up with these instead.  Wonder Woman Converses just in time for Comic Con.  They cost me and arm and a leg but you can't get them in the US (yet ?)

Okay, so that's it for shopping in London.  I'm going to end this post with a picture of one of the cutest fabric shops in the UK.  I had to control myself in this shop since I'm such a fabric hoarder.