Legend of Korra costume : Korra's top

I decided to go ahead and make the costume, whether I wear it a Comic Con is another matter.  I didn't want to use Lycra and have it look like a bodysuit, so I went with a twill type fabric with some stretch. It's much thicker than Lycra so it will have some structure and will be able to hold my fat in.

This top was definitely a pain in the butt to make. I had to adjust and re-adjust over 30 times. I nearly gave up.

I started with the Kwik Sew pattern 2943.  

This was definitely the wrong pattern to use. The sleeveless turtleneck is very boxy and very loose.  Even when I used the S size (and I'm usually closer to a L in everday tops) it was HUGE and very non flattering. I had to add darts, reshape the waist, take in the shoulders, reshape the turtleneck and change the shape of the armholes. What a PAIN!!

After 3 days I'm finally done and quite happy with the final product.

The 2nd version is definitely much better than my first one.


  1. Now, this may sound like a silly question, but I have to ask, how did you create the white trim on the sleeve without it curling or pleating once its flipped right side out? I've been making tests with muslin and every time I flip it over to see the finished product, there's always curl or fold generally where the shirt curves the most (I guess according to the pattern)between the breast and the armpit area.

    1. Hi Miriam, I wasn't able to use straight edged trims (like ribbons). They would always curl (like what happened to you). After redoing it the 3rd time, I just had to cut a strip of white fabric in the exact shape of the sleeve and handsew it. The shape I had to cut out was pretty much identical to one provided in the pattern for the armhole interfacing. It was a pain.

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