London, again :)

I had the opportunity to take a mini-vacation to the UK.  My hubby had to fly in for a couple of days of work and of course I decided to invite myself along  :)

We decided to fly in a little early, so we can spend the weekend together before he started his work week in London.  Of course - I had to get sick the night before our trip. ARGH.

I had a fever, a runny nose and didn't get any sleep on the flight.  I felt bad for the person sitting next to me and my infectious germs, he had to listen to me cough and blow my nose 10 hours straight.  I had a thousand wads of tissue stuck in that back pocket of the airplane seat.  I know... GROSS.   My husband, on the other hand arrived all fresh and rested.  He was on Virgin Atlantic sleeping in one of those fancy pods ;)

I was still a travel-trooper though.  I didn't want to waste a day so I went out with the aid (overdose) of DayQuil.

We spent our weekend exploring London and one of the highlights was the Sherlock Holme's museum.  We got there by taking the tube to Baker Street. OMG, that station was just adorable :

The museum was tiny but it was filled with lots of fun photo opportunities :)

Of course we had to take our pictures in the red phone booths.  I wonder if they will ever get rid of them one day.

We also had the time to visit Windsor Castle before our weekend together was over :

I'm pretty sure we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the castle, but I still had to sneak in a couple with the iphone . The place was too cool not to.