Projects - some completed, some almost...

When I go through my favorite home blogs, I see that people are always renovating, repainting, re-decorating every week!  The most amazing thing is that their projects seem to take a week to finish. That's definitely not the case with us.  We take months, even years to complete anything ;)

For example our first project, repainting our living room - just the prep (taping, laying down the rosin paper, sanding the wainscoting) took us 5 weekends, priming another 2 weekends, painting 3 more weekends.
By the time we were done - we didn't look at painting another room for at least a year.

OUR TEMP LIVING ROOM in the foyer for 3 months


It looks like we didn't change the color scheme but we did!  The old trim used to be dark beige, and the walls used to be lime green.

BEFORE we moved in

AFTER we painted



 Just this weekend, my husband finished turning our china cabinet into a entertainment center.  We don't have any fancy china but we do have tons of electronics.  We got that idea from the previous couple.  They had their TV placed into the built in cabinet.

We decided to do the same, saves us money - no need to buy a TV stand.   We started off with this :

But of course it was very unattractive - we can see every wire that was in there, yet we couldn't put the cabinet doors back on mainly because the heat produced by everything in there was crazy and also because non of our remote controls would work ;)
 We lived with that for 2 years until handsome hubby had time to make a screen for it last weekend.

   And finally here it is completed ... TA DAH!