Back to the workshop

I just got back from my cupcake decorating class at Workshop, and I must say - I'm a little disappointed with this class.

It was advertised as a class where you would sharpen your cupcake decorating skills and learn to create AWE INSPIRING tops for your cupcakes. We were supposed to learn fun basic techniques of piping, sugar and candy decor.

I thought we were going to make this :

Instead it was more of a " Here are your cupcakes, icing, candy and sprinkles.  Go ahead and have fun and decorate!"
There was actually no instruction, no tutorial, no going over anything.
I  guess I expected a step by step tutorial on how to make several "Halloween" style cupcakes, and I guess I expected to learn cupcake decorating secrets.

I still had fun though (and the cupcakes were delicious)  but I really felt that every cupcake that was completed in this workshop belonged on the Cake Wrecks blog (  Especially mine.

Yes, this last set belongs to me.

Yep, the last set belongs to me.  Look at my version of the witch - Hahaha.  The only thing I got right was the hat, it was black and triangular :)

And if you were wondering about that middle cupcake on the top row, it was my attempt at a "Mummy".

Now this is a mummy....

Mine is just a "Craft Fail".