Show us your family

Today's theme on Kelly's Korner is about the families we grew up in.  I thought this might be another fun post to participate in.

Here's mine:
My family

Even though my parents drive me crazy (99%) of the time, they are still the most wonderful people in the world. They sacrificed everything for us. Every penny they earned was spent on trying to provide us with everything we wanted.  My dad worked two jobs most of his life - in the day he was an accountant and by night he was a waiter.  It must have been exhausting for him, yet he still made time to take my sister and I  to all our ballet and ballet jazz lessons,  my brother to all his countless hockey, soccer and baseball lessons.

My sister before her ballet recital.  My brother at his hockey game.

My mom who does not speak English worked as a seamstress from home.  I couldn't believe back then that she would slave an entire day sewing and for each completed dress that retailed for $100 she made $1.25  She had to sew over over 200 dresses per week just to make $250  She probably worked 10 hours a day 7 days a week.  Yet she still made time to make sure we had hot chocolate and treats every day after school.  She still made time to sew our "costumes" for our ballet recitals.

Besides being super hardworking - my parents are also quite fun.  They participate in everything that we throw at them.  For example card games where losers must wear moustaches and vacation photos where everyone must be jumping  :)

My Dad  is also a talented artist. Here are some of his latest works from art class :

 My brother ... yes, my perpetually late and unreliable baby brother.  As much as I love him, he drives me crazy with his " I'll be there in the afternoon" but then shows up at 9pm.  But when he does show up he is fun to hang out with.  He has the driest humor and some of the best stories.  And according to him, he is the best "On Two" salsa dancer in NYC.  Girls line up to dance with him ;)

 And finally my little sister Kimberly.  She was amazing, adventurous, courageous, funny, caring.  She was my best friend.  We talked to each other every day and did everything together until she passed away last year from lung cancer and I miss her dearly.