Hylian Shield

I have now been working on my (or Link's)  Hylian Shield for about a week.  The process is pain stakingly SLOW.  I have to cut out all the details on foam, mold the 3-D pieces and and then paint each piece. Then I have to wait for all these pieces to dry so I can paint a 2nd coat and all the edges. 90% of my time is spent waiting for paint to dry.

 And while things are drying, I get to look at the wonderful mess crafting leaves behind.

Oh Hylian shield.... why dost thou have so many pieces to paint ?????

If I'm not waiting for paint to dry, I'm waiting for glue to dry.  I have already used 3 bottles of Aileene's Tacky glue.  Good thing I live close to a "walkable" hardware store that sells it or I would have to postpone making this shield until my husband can drive me to Michael's Craft store.

As you may have guessed, right now I'm waiting for these pieces to dry.  That's why I have so much time to take pictures and update my blog.  I should do something more productive, like watch TV..haha