Paris Day 2

My original plan was to go shopping...but I was stupid and didn't do my research.  99.9% of the stores are closed on Sundays.  ARGH! I was so looking forward to buying French Skincare at Citi-Pharma in Saint-Germain.  I had a long, long list.  I was definitely disappointed.
Instead of buying my favorite makeup remover 18$, I know have to pay double. WAHHH!

So, what was open ? 
1) The Louvre Museum. We were going to see it anyhow, since Nick has never been. 
2) La Cure Gourmande  We found this by accident.  I'm glad we did, their Montecaos line of biscuits were delicious.

3.Opera National de Paris
4. Cafe Constant  At least our dinner was fantastic :) I guess that makes up for the lack of skincare shopping.