Walking in the rain to the Tate Modern

While the mister was working (part III) - I decided to visit the Tate Modern.  I could have taken the tube, but I didn't want to miss out on anything. I love walking and taking the tiny alley ways, you never know what hidden treasure you might miss if you take the taxi or the tube.

It was about a 3 mile walk from where we stayed, but I didn't mind :)  I ended up walking by the Royal Courts of Justice.  Apparently, the courts within this building are open to the public.  Had I known that, I think I may have just walked in and sat in on a case to see if it's like "Law and Order" but with an English accent ;)  Anyhow, the building itself was cool to see - very gothic.

I also passed by St. Paul's Cathedral. I was soaking wet by this time - even though I had a rain coat and an umbrella.  All I could think was " Just get me to the Tate before I drown" Haha.
 Luckily the Tate Modern was just a 5 minute walk across the Millenium Bridge. It was a gloomy, gloomy day (had to add the 2nd gloomy to emphasize how gloomy it was :P)
Finally - the Tate Modern :)
 I walked around the free exhibitions first. I always smile when I see a group deep in discussion like this - especially since all I see is a canvas with colored squares ;)
 So the main attraction at that time was an artist named Damien Hirst.  We were not allowed to take photos of the exhibit but I found some of the art on his own website.
They say this is about the life cycle of flies.  On one side is the head of cow that serves to feed the millions of flies and maggots that survive insect-o-cuter.  On the other side is a dice with 1 on every side, so you can not win no mater what you roll. 
 At first - I though, okay another dot. When I walked up close - this entire black thing was made of dead flies. Yuck. This piece is called the Black Sun
 When I first saw this, I was just thinking pretty stained glass windows.  Walked up close and the entire thing was made out of butterflies. Double Yuck.  This piece is called Doorway to Kingdom of Heaven.
 I pretty much just ran through this room. It was filled with live butterflies - it freaked me out. Haha, can you tell that I don't like butterflies ? This piece was called the Butterfly Effect
 Yep, here are more of the art pieces displayed at the exhibition. All photos are from www.damienhirst.com  I'm too lazy to write about them and I'm really not sure what they are supposed to represent anyhow.  I really don't know how to appreciate art. I either like it or don't and then don't give a second thought about it. 
The Incomplete Truth

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1991


With Dead Head

So that was my day.  I ended up walking back to the hotel because it stopped raining but it was still dreary. Here is a shot from the Millenium bridge again. You can barely make out London Bridge in the background.