The Attic Cleanup from Hell

Back in rainy season 2010, I was sitting in our living room surfing when and I started to see drops of water on my laptop.  I looked up and oh-my-god, water was leaking through our ceiling.

My husband ran up to the attic and found a "flood".  Okay, maybe I am over exaggerating, but enough water to freak us out.  We were constantly worried that our plastered ceiling was going to fall on top of us.

We called the roofers, and they quickly came over to do a patch job that would hold us over for the rest of the season, but they informed us that we needed a new roof ASAP.  Everything had to go, we had to have a completely new roof.

Well, we got our estimates and cried ($$$$) and then finally picked the one we felt most confident with and signed the contract.  The contract was literally 50 pages double sided with lots of fine print.  The one that we did not read carefully was about the "cleanup".  Argh!! 

Yep, you guessed it.  THE ROOFERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLEAN UP.  We are :(  So when they were done and we went up into the attic, we nearly cried.  Shingles, rusted nails, pieces of rotting wood and black - I don't know what kind of "debris/toxic dust" was littered everywhere.

This is a sample of what we were dealing with :

It tooks us (actually, it took my husband) four Saturdays to finish cleaning it.  He had to get up there early morning before it started to get too hot.

Finally, we finished cleaning it last week.  15 garbage bags later...

Now we are happy again.  We have a brand new roof and a clean attic just in time for rainy season again.